Dear Bec, Love Audrey

My dear friend, I am so astonished by all the unbelievable memories you crystallised in my mind;
The contrast between your classy fashionista look clearly stated in your Sophia Webster’s shoe addiction
and your silliness attitude with this no so distant memory of you jumping on this foamy bouncy castle at the 5K foam fest race we did together just few months ago .
But most of all , it is your bright and shiny mind that I will miss;
You were a dedicated teacher, who was far from scared of tackling the most difficult kids (and their parents) and desperately trying to be a positive change enabler of our education system ;
And you fought hard , so hard that your fall was has deep as it could have been.
As Florence and the Machine (the dog days are over) was playing and you were being dropped on the top of that hill were you will be looking upon us forever , I was trying to realise ;
All the evidence of my sadness were obvious but my mind was in owe of how much Joy and support you were able to bring me and so many of us who had the privilege to be your friend over your fabulous 36 years on this Earth ;
And apart from your righteous determination for goodness , you just knew so well how to live up to the fullest ; Your travel records are impressive and they nourished your openness to the Oneness realisation of our humanity;
You were so close to break free for your broken body and in a sense you did it in the most spiritual way ; leaving us was not your conscious choice but for you it was a deliverance and the promise that you can keep on shining bright as our newly appointed angel ;
I miss you dearly but you are now with me forever everytime i need to and as a wink anytime i see the fanciest pair of shoes and any flamingo memorabilia ! To my Bec with LOVE

Love Audrey