It was my work as a Funeral Celebrant since 2011 that has inspired me to write my first book “7 Life Lessons Learned Through Loss: Powerful Stories of Love, Hope, Transformation and Legacy”.

Every single service I have walked away a changed person and I learn the most incredible lessons. These lessons caused me to reflect on my own life, to take action and to change the way I lived my life. In some instances, they healed me. In others, it has been life changing. Now I share these valuable life lessons with the world.

“7 Life Lessons Learned Through Loss” is now available! Click here to purchase

What people are saying about this book –

“Sharon, you are an embodiment of love, hope, transformation and legacy❤️”

“This book will provide so much joy, comfort, inspiration and guidance to so many people around the world.”

“Sharon, this is truly a beautiful gift to the world. While reading, I have been smiling, tearing up, feeling my heart swell with love and relating to so many stories of love and loss.”

“What an honour and a blessing it is to read your book! I feel like I’m having a conversation with you as I read it. Free flowing and love-filled, it is a wonderful tribute to these families and a meaningful and insightful reflection on life. Massive congratulations!!!!!

“This book will really make you stop and ask yourself, am I really living my best life?”

“Sharon, thank you, your book was such a profound and moving reminder of what’s important in life – LOVE!”

“So many wonderful and important lessons, Sharon! This book is going to alter people’s perspectives and help them see a way forward during times of grief and loss and I truly believe it’s going to motivate and inspire them to lead their best life. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐”


My second book “The Love in Death: Love Stories of those passed” is in its final stages. This book will offer a glimpse inside other people’s worlds, sharing love stories and moments of deep human connection. A must read for anyone who has ever loved and lost. It provides an opportunity to heal. Stay tuned for the exciting release of this book.


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