The Love in Death Movement


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Every single life has meaning and purpose. While our physical time may be finite, the stories, legacy and love we leave behind can live on for generations. ‘The Love in Death’ is a platform celebrating this truth, and a place where loved ones can celebrate the life, meaning and love they have for a special person who lives on in spirit. Providing a place to share and an opportunity to heal.”

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  • It can be short, it can be long. It can be a story. It can be a poem.
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So what is “The Love in Death” Movement?

Have you lost a loved one through death –your partner, a family member, parent or grandparent, sibling or child? Perhaps you’ve lost a friend or a work colleague. Losing someone is such an individual experience and we all embark on a loss and healing journey.

As one of the countries’ most sought-after celebrants, I have worked alongside thousands of individuals experiencing the realities of death; giving me privileged insight into not only how to cope with grief and loss, but more importantly the life lessons learned from those who pass.

What I discovered in my work, through death – it’s all about LOVE.

I see love in its purest form. I hear someone’s most personal thoughts about love, when their loved one passes. I hear the most incredible love stories. I see the love a parent has for their child and a child has for their parent. Yes, I see hearts breaking in front of me, all the time, but it’s borne out of love. Through this work, I have learned the most incredible life lessons.

‘The Love in Death’ Movement is the coming together of people from all around the world who share two things in common … they have loved someone, and they have lost their loved one through death.

‘The Love in Death’ is a platform to share love stories of those who have passed. Where you can celebrate the life, meaning and love you have for a special person who lives on in spirit.

Your words matter. The sharing of stories of your loved one aids not only in your healing but in the healing of others. Become part of a community that supports one another’s journey of loss and healing.

My favourite quote by Dr Wayne Dyer says: “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”. Death is LOVE.

Join ‘The Love in Death’ movement, and share your story ♥